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The Jasper House Haiti blog is designed to share stories, updates and testimonies that raise awareness, create dialogue and bring enlightenment to those seeking to become more involved in the advocacy and abolition of injustice. 


Joy. Love. Happiness.

Maria Atkinson

Joy. Love. Happiness. 

These are a few of the words that describe the wonderful ladies that I've had the pleasure of teaching English to. 

I have been in Haiti a little over a month now and have seen my students go from knowing very limited English to speaking in short sentences. Teaching English as a second language has its challenges but I could not make it through each class without my joyful and dedicated students!

Every class is filled with huge smiles and lots of laughter. I've  had days where I was struggling with dehydration and exhaustion but my students eagerness to learn kept me standing up in class for over an hour to teach them on those tough days.

Teaching has its rewards and the little heart warming moments I have with my students are what I am going to cherish for many years to come. 

My heart warming moments include: 

One of my students staying after class on the very first day to go over basic pronunciations. I could tell she was struggling in class that day so I offered to help her one on one. She was very happy to go over the notes with me and when she was finished for the day she stood up and gave me a hug. This hug was special to me because I was missing my friends and family back home , and her embrace made me realize how loved I am here in Haiti. 

Mamni Isanette coming into class every morning with a beaming smile saying "Good morning, teacher" and leaving every class with "Goodbye, teacher."

The competitive game of "adjective memory" where roars of laughter filled the classroom. The ladies were helping each other out with the meanings of the adjectives while showing off their competitive nature during this exciting game of memory!

One of the girls saying, "You're a good teacher, I like how you teach." 

Seeing the gentle smile come across  face of my student when I handed her test back with a perfect score. 

Mirlene proudly saying a complete sentence in English. She was so excited and proud that she was able to communicate that sentence! I couldn't contain my excitement for her and I was beaming with joy because of how happy she was!

One of the girls acting out her emotion "angry" during the game of "emotion charades."

Their brilliant smiles. Their warm sincere eyes. Their contagious laughter. Their endless love. Their willingness to learn. Their tender hearts.

These are only a few of the many reasons why my heart is so full and filled with love here in Haiti.

Photos taken by and blog written by: Michelle McGee - Jasper House Haiti Summer Intern