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The Jasper House Haiti blog is designed to share stories, updates and testimonies that raise awareness, create dialogue and bring enlightenment to those seeking to become more involved in the advocacy and abolition of injustice. 


Transformation and hope.

Maria Atkinson


Just a little under a year ago, Denise* found herself in a very tragic situation. 

34 years old, three children, and no ability to provide for them in a consistent way. 

She had begun attending the Jasper House Haiti education center in hopes that it would provide her the means to be able to give her children a better life. 

The home she lived in with her family was a one room, tin shack down by the base of the river in Jacmel, where trash and feces fester and accumulate. An extremely dangerous environment for any human, particular for children to be exposed to, alas this is where Denise found herself and her young family. 


Earlier this year, Denise came to our assistant director distraught and in tears. The father of her youngest child had walked out on them, leaving her with no assistance for the children's needs.

Her worst fear had become a reality. 

She asked Darline if she knew of any local orphanages who would be able to take her children while she went to find work in the Dominican Republic. This was startling news to Darline - not only is it the mission of Jasper House Haiti to keep mothers with their children, but a young Haitian woman, with no legal paperwork, going to the Dominican Republic means only one thing - prostitution. 

We immediately became determined to find an alternate solution for sweet Denise and her children. 

Through our Change a Life sponsorship program, we were able to locate some incredible sponsors who helped to find Denise and new, safe home for she and her children, and give her the ability to sell items in the market on weekends.

She is still able to attend the Jasper House Haiti education center, and will graduate the sewing program this December with hopes to start her own sewing business. 


With support from people just like you, lives like Denise and her children are being dramatically transformed. No longer are they plagued with the looming fear of having to relinquish their children to orphanages or selling their bodies in order to eat. They are able to live and thrive and pursue their dreams. Hope becomes a reality rather than a far off dream. 

With your help, we can continue to uplift and support women just like Denise. 

For $120 a month you can support and woman and her child. 

For $80 a month you can support one woman living in our residential home. 

For $50 a month you can help one woman attend our education centre tuition free.

For $25 a month you can help to provide a hot meal and school supplies for a woman in our program.

We truly cannot do this without you, will you choose to help a woman like Denise today? 

*Names have been changed for the privacy and protection of our women.