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Tomorrow is For Women.


The Jasper House Haiti blog is designed to share stories, updates and testimonies that raise awareness, create dialogue and bring enlightenment to those seeking to become more involved in the advocacy and abolition of injustice. 


Tomorrow is For Women.

Maria Atkinson



At Jasper House, the words, “Demen Se Pou Fanm” have become a mantra for the women in the healing centre + academy for learning. Taken from the root of the English phrase, “The Future is Female” and transformed into Haitian Creole, translating to “Tomorrow is for Women”.


This phrase has become a chant for the women, capturing the strength of their voices, and reminding them of their power, and the leadership they possess.


All around the world, from a young age, women have had to struggle to compete for their rightful place.

Wherein a man is already standing, a woman has to strive to achieve.

For the women in Haiti, they are at a disadvantage from the time they are born.

In a male dominance culture, women have to work harder to prove their own worth and value.

The reality of the situation is—most times; they are not seen as equal.


Even if they are educated.

Even if they are working.

Even if they are raising children.

Men still view them as less.


This is the majority.

Are there men who see women as worthy here? Yes.

But the place of a woman in Haiti is oftentimes overlooked.


At Jasper House, we seek to rise above this.

The purpose of all of our programs, restoration, and healing, is so that women may find their inner strength, beauty and worth.
That they would never again, have to be seen as “less than” or as someone who is not worthy of their true value.


Women in Haiti do not need a handout—they need an opportunity.

They need other women (and men) coming alongside them, to create jobs and skill sets that they can learn, to better their future.

They need education, and tools, which will help them rise above their current level of knowledge.

They need encouragement, just like we all do, and reminders of their own inner worth—their power, their strength, and their perseverance.


The circumstances most of the women in our programs face are not something that should ever have to happen.

But, because of the male dominance culture, and the lack of education, women are treated poorly. They are not seen as equals, and men who do not have appropriate ways of releasing their emotions use them as an outlet.


Lack of opportunities for education in Haiti result in women feeling less than their true value.

A woman here is more ashamed to say she does not know how to read and write, than she is to say she is a prostitute.

This is the level at which life without education permeates, and de-values women.


But, this is not where their story has to end.

At Jasper House, women are finding their worth again.

They are seeing their value.

They are rising above, and learning tangible skills and education that will carry them on to change their country.


So we continue to push forward—we continue to chant, “Demen Se Pou Fanm” as a mantra echoing the strength and resilience of these women’s stories, and the life change they are experiencing.


Will you join us?