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Hand in hand and side by side.


The Jasper House Haiti blog is designed to share stories, updates and testimonies that raise awareness, create dialogue and bring enlightenment to those seeking to become more involved in the advocacy and abolition of injustice. 


Hand in hand and side by side.

Maria Atkinson

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The importance of men supporting women is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. I think back to my Dad who, with the most sincere heart, always told me that I could do anything I wanted because he truly believed it. I can also remember my Grandpa telling tales of all the great things he knew I would do one day, or the pastors and mentors I’ve had over the years who have helped guide and equip me for all life can be.


As Father’s Day quickly approaches, I am reminded of the important role men play in the empowerment of women. So today, we want to say thank you to the men who support our efforts. Thank you to the men who give so graciously of their time and money to empower and educate women in Haiti. We say thank you, but honestly, thank you doesn’t even begin to express our gratitude.


So many times people believe that being pro-women means being anti-men, and at Jasper House that just couldn’t be less true. Without the men that selflessly step forward, we wouldn’t be here today. Over 32% of our monthly donors are male!

Our art and sewing teachers at Jasper House are men, and they use their giftings to empower women to learn a trade. They take time to pour into these women and stir up a passion in them to develop their own skills, and to use those skills to start businesses and to grow their dreams.


One of our board members, James, has six daughters at home (yes, six!), and spends his time leading by example of what it means to enable women to step into their God given potential, no matter what their circumstances may have been.

We don’t want our cause to be isolated to being supported only by women. We believe men supporting women is just as important as women supporting women. We can’t fight this fight alone. We have to have men to come along and partner with us to fight for freedom and empowerment for women in Haiti.

Think of how amazing it could be if we all joined together to create a movement like no one has ever seen; men and women working together to break the cycles of oppression and misfortune of women in Haiti and turn that into an opportunity for empowerment and renewal. Imagine the change that could happen if men and women were joined together in the fight; hand in hand and side by side.



Written by: Ashley Holmes