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Women's Healing Centre

Women's Healing Centre


A sanctuary of healing and hope…

Being a woman in Haiti provides for many challenges. In addition to the extreme poverty 75% percent of the country lives within, it is estimated that 70% of women ages 15-49 will experience sexual and/or physical violence at some point in their lives.

One in the three women...


Resources for women who currently find themselves in dangerous, violent and exploitive situations such as the sex trade, or sexually and physically violent relationships, are extremely limited, and in many regions of Haiti, nonexistent. 

In September 2015, the Jasper House Haiti Women's Healing Centre was opened as a place to provide refuge, safety, restoration and hope for women seeking shelter from the trauma and pain of their past, and an open door to transformation and redemption.

Today, our transitional home not only serves those coming into our program for the first time, but our graduates as well who are supported through our graduate assistance program with off campus living. 

Our healing centre operates with the objective to see women renewed and transformed, and for them to rediscover their priceless worth and value.

We are not merely a safe home, we are a centre where hope is restored and new life begins to take place.


Through various practices of therapy such as counseling, art, yoga and self-defense, our women receive the best possible treatment to help invoke healing and transformation, and self-worth and empowerment.