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What we do.

What we do.

Jasper House Haiti is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which offers a transitional restoration home, education, therapy and job training to young women in Haiti who have left lives of prostitution, exploitation and abuse.

We seek to turn oppression, tragedy, and misfortune into opportunities for empowerment and renewal for young women in Haiti.

We achieve this through holistic care that treats the whole person with programs that enhance the mind, body and soul.

Our vision is to help young women realize their ability to rise above opposition and defeat, to be champions of change within their homes, communities and nation.

Statement of Faith

Jasper House Haiti is a faith-based ministry that aims to bring the light of Christ to the darkness of this world, by helping young women break free from the bonds of oppression and realize their worth, value and capabilities. 

We exist to bring restoration and healing to the lives of those we serve with the message of love, hope and grace that comes from the life and gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We strive to live Christ-like lives and lead by example.


Why Jasper? 

In ancient civilizations, a jasper stone was a precious, highly coveted stone. It was frequently used to embellish royalty and set an individual apart as distinguished and valued.  

The word jasper means "to polish." In Revelation 21:9-11, the jasper stone is referenced in comparison to the glory of the Lord.

Today, jasper stones are unique and beautiful and can be found in gorgeous hues of blue, red and green.

Jasper House Haiti was named after this very stone as symbol of the priceless value and worth of each woman who comes into our home.

How we do it. 

At Jasper House Haiti, we focus on creating holistic programs that benefit the whole person. This is accomplished with programs and activities that strengthen the mind, body, and soul.

Our purpose is for all women who enter our home to find restoration, healing, education, and empowerment. Women find our program through individual referrals, and a vetting process is conducted by trained staff members to determine the severity of each case and the legitimacy of the claims. 

Our methods of healing and restoration are made possible through one-on-one counseling with our on-site, licensed psychologist, evening devotional times with prayer and worship, bible study, and reflection, and artistic expression.

Education is one of our highest priorities. Our women are given opportunities to attend local school, receive literacy and basic life skills training as a part of our Women's Academy for Learning.

Each of our women receive empowerment through creativity and job training. Our sewing and design programs help our women learn their capabilities and begin to explore new opportunities with jewelry making and sewing, that are in turn sold in partnership with our social business initiative.

Our mission is to create empowered leaders who will be champions of change in their homes, communities and nation.

"I love Jasper House Haiti because I am getting the opportunity to change my life. Maybe today I wouldn't be here, or I would even be dead, but I am alive." - Katiana*, a woman in our program. 


*Names have been changed for the protection and privacy of our women. 
I believe in Jasper House because they actually and truly help women. There are many women in Haiti who find themselves in miserable situations and they seem to have no hope, they believe their lives are over. But after women enter our home or attend the classes, once they graduate they have something in their minds now that will help encourage them and remind them they can take care of themselves and that they don’t have to go back to where they came from. The are no longer merely victims of trauma and circumstance, they are strong survivors.
— Islande Noël, Jasper House Haiti Office Administrator
Islande, Jasper House Haiti Office Administrator.

Islande, Jasper House Haiti Office Administrator.