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Who we are.

Who we are.

Jasper House Haiti is made up of some incredible, dedicated, passionate and hard-working individuals who are all committed to the same goal: to see women freed from the bonds of sexual abuse and oppression. Here are a few of the inspiring and amazing people who make the work of Jasper House Haiti possible. 

Photo by: Jamie Curtis

Photo by: Jamie Curtis

Maria Atkinson - Founder/Executive Director

In the Fall of 2013, Maria Atkinson left her home of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and set out for Haiti to begin an adventure she was quite unprepared for. 

Having little prior knowledge of the country, culture or language, she began her journey in Haiti working as a non-profit, missionary photographer.  From the northern streets of Cap-Haitien, to the rural mountain villages of the southeast, Maria realized she longed to make a deeper investment into the lives of the Haitian people. 

In the summer of 2014, Maria began to discover the sheer tragic realities of countless women in Haiti. From rape and abuse, to the contracting of HIV/AIDS and prostitution, Haitian women have been placed at a great disadvantage and Maria knew something had to be done.  It was then that the vision for a women’s transitional, restoration home began to take shape in Jacmel, Haiti.

Jasper House Haiti is what Maria describes as, "the reason God brought her to Haiti."  It was in Haiti that Maria discovered her true calling. The calling to provide a place of refuge for young women who have endured unthinkable hardship, and to create a sanctuary where these women could find peace, and begin to discover a true sense of freedom, purpose and empowerment. 


Board of Directors

Rachelle Metcalf - Chairwoman 

Rachelle Metcalf first visited Haiti in 2010 with her husband James, and her life was forever changed. As a licensed counselor, Rachelle always had a desire to use her profession and passion to see lives changed and restored. After nearly sixteen trips to Haiti, she never stopped praying that God would lead her to the right organization that was providing hope and opportunity to women healing from abuse and prostitution.

Upon discovering the mission of Jasper House Haiti, Rachelle knew that this was the organization she had prayed for so many years for. After becoming a faithful supporter, it became evident that she was design to play a more official role in the work and mission of Jasper House Haiti. 

We are so grateful for the dedication, love, wisdom and support Rachelle brings to the Board of Directors and our mission and cause. 


James Metcalf - Vice-Chairman

Along with his wife Rachelle, James also first visited Haiti in 2010, and had his heart gripped and life radically changed. 

As a man who has endured and overcome countless tragedy and obstacles in his own life, James is passionate about seeing lives restored to Christ, and empowered to be agents of change and influence. 

James is the co-owner of Absolute Tile and Floors in Oklahoma City, and he and Rachelle reside in Norman, Oklahoma with their three beautiful daughters. 

The wisdom, spiritual guidance and direction he provides Jasper House Haiti is priceless, and we are forever grateful for the investment his life makes into this work and ministry. 


Megan Christensen - Secretary/Treasurer

Megan is a dynamic individual who truly gives her life to fight for justice. As a paralegal and a former volunteer at CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children), Megan strongly believes in fighting for the plight of others. As our newest board member, Megan gives her expertise and experience to Jasper House as our Secretary/Treasurer and stateside liaison. We are so grateful to Megan for the many ways she is helping to grow and advance our administrative programs.






Misty Seale - Board Officer

Upon meeting Misty, you can't help but be struck by her kind, gentle and loving spirit. Misty and her husband David are the parents of two beautiful children, and she is the founder of Love Does, Journey Church's adoptive and foster care ministry. 

Misty is a person whose heart is almost bigger than she is, and Haiti holds a large part of that heart.  Misty became a supporter of Jasper House Haiti last year, and made it her charge to raise support and awareness for the mission and work. 

Today, we are honored to have her on our Board of Directors, and could not think of a better person to help us further our ministry and financial reach.

Misty resides in Norman, Oklahoma with her family. 

Natalie Keys - Board Officer 

Natalie Keys is a person who leaves you speechless. Within minutes of meeting her, she will astound you with her charisma, zest for life and sheer beauty. Natalie is the Founder and CEO of FunKeys Clothing, a casual dance wear brand based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a beautiful soul with a fire and passion for Haiti. 

In addition to being a talented dancer, creative genius, and dynamite businesswoman, Natalie has a heart and dream to empower women in Haiti with financial independence and sustainability. 

Because of this, she and her brand have partnered with Jasper House Haiti to create our very own social enterprise to provide creative outlets, job training and empowerment through business for each of the women who come through our programs. 

We are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for Natalie's commitment to Jasper House Haiti, and for all of the amazing possibilities and opportunities that will come from this partnership. 

I love Jasper House Haiti because it teaches the women of Haiti about their value and worth. It helps them to begin to value their minds and realize their abilities. The programs teach the women how they can grow and change, and that they have the capacity to change the world.
— Ruth, Jasper House Haiti Psychologist
Ruth, Jasper House Haiti Psychologist. 

Ruth, Jasper House Haiti Psychologist.